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Christy Ware

Hi! I am Christy Ware and am a 27 year old living in Atlanta, Georgia! I created this blog as a place to show my love for fashion, travel and all things life. I also wanted an outlet to show my ways of finding fun in life and not taking myself too seriously.

I graduated from The University of Alabama (roll tide) in May 2014 and was quickly thrown into the real world when I blindly moved out to Northern California for a job in technology sales. I knew not one single person and had never been on my own like this before.
It shocked me into adulthood and to be honest, I boo-hooed like a baby when my mom left me after helping me move into my new apartment the first night.

Now back to the point– I have spent about 6 years working in technology sales. I LOVE the “people” aspect of sales. I have always had a creative side and felt this need to connect with people and as my friends always hear me say “do something that matters”.
So people, HERE I AM!
If I am able to share my life experiences, fashion finds, travel tips, tricks to buying cute clothes on a practical budget, and make someones day just a little brighter through humor and positivity, then I am here for it and I hope you all will be too.

“So hey, let’s be friends”

Fun facts about me:
Age: 27

Favorite Artist: Taylor Swift (hence lyric above)

Favorite Movies: *This is so hard and always changing
Mean Girls, Remember the Titans, The Blindside,
The Hunger games series

Favorite TV Shows: *Also so hard and always different
*Big TV/movie girl
Game of Thrones, Real Housewives, Survivor,
Big Brother, Bachelor/Bachelorette

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Time of the Year: Fall (football, duh)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn– January 2nd birthday!

Celebrity Crush: Justin Timberlake or Leonardo DiCaprio